Wholesale Plastic Products

Pacific Link Imports is one of the largest importers of wholesale plastic products for distributors. We carry a full line of food service plastic products including plastic cutlery, cutlery kits, food service plastic containers, portion cups, deli containers, plastic cups, straws and coffee stirrers. Our wholesale plastic products are perfect for restaurant distributors, warehouse chains, hotels, healthcare, food service distributors, government agencies, and educational facilities.


Imported Wholesale Plastic Products

food service plastic productsPlastic Cutlery – Disposable forks, knives, spoons and sporks in white and black.  Our cutlery is available in medium weight, medium heavy weight, heavy weight, extra heavy weight and biodegradable.

Cutlery Kits – Kits contain white plastic cutlery, napkin, and salt and pepper. Cutlery kits are available in medium weight, medium heavy weight and heavy weight.

Deli Containers – Clear deli containers available in 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz., 24 oz. and 32 oz.

Portion Cups and Lids – Black or translucent plastic portion cups are available in a full range sizes with a strong snap on lid to prevent leaks.

Plastic Cups – Clear plastic drinking cups come in a wide range of sizes from 5 oz. to 16 oz.

Plastic Straws – Straws are available wrapped and unwrapped. We supply jumbo straws, super jumbo straws, giant straws, flex straws, and spoon straws in clear, black and red.

Coffee Stirrers – Our coffee stirrers are clear or red and white striped. They are available in different sizes and come wrapped or unwrapped.


If you are a food service distributor or supplier looking to purchase wholesale plastic products, call Pacific Link Imports at (954) 605-6071. We are importers of plastic products for the food service industry. All of our food service plastic products can be combined in one container with paper products from abroad to save you more money. We can customize any of our paper and plastic products to suit your needs with regard to size, pack and grade of paper you require. We can also custom imprint your logo on products and boxes.