Wholesale Paper Products

Pacific Link Imports is one of the largest importer and supplier of wholesale paper products for distributors. We carry a full line of wholesale paper napkins for hotels, healthcare, food service distributors, government agencies, and educational facilities.

Paper Products Importer

Our wholesale paper napkins include:

Dinner Napkins – Dinner napkins are available in 2-ply, premium 2-ply and private label.

Lunch Napkins – Premium and private label lunch napkins are available.

Tall Fold Napkins – Tall fold and private label tall fold napkins are available.

Beverage Napkins – Beverage napkins are available in 1-ply, and private label.

Quick Napkins – Quick napkins are available in kraft or white.



If you are looking to purchase wholesale paper products from an importer, call Pacific Link Imports at (954) 605-6071. We are one of the largest importers of wholesale paper napkins for the food service industry. All of our paper products, including paper napkins, can be imported in one shipping container along with our plastic products from abroad. Pacific Link Imports can also custom imprint your logo on the napkins, plastic products and boxes.