Dinner Napkins

Pacific Link Imports is a supplier of 2-Ply Dinner Napkins and 2-Ply Premium Dinner Napkins. Our napkins are made from virgin wood, sugarcane, pillow pack or mixed pulp. Pacific Link Imports is one of our top paper products importer to the United States and Canada. Our 2-Ply napkins are available is 3 different sizes – 14.2″ x 16.6″ or 15″ x 16.6″.

2-Ply Dinner Napkins

2-ply dinner napkins

2-Ply Premium Dinner Napkins

2-ply premium dinner napkins

Private Label Napkins

private label dinner napkins


dinner napkins specs


Pacific Link Imports is one of the largest importers and suppliers of paper products and plastic products. We carry a full line of dinner napkins, lunch napkins, tall fold napkins, and beverage napkins. We proudly service the entire United States including Chicago, Florida, Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Washington, Louisiana, as well as other cities in the U.S. and Canada. Call Pacific Link Imports at (954) 605-6071.